The Lifestyle Design Planner

The LivingUpp™ Lifestyle Design Planner* was created for planners who crave more ease and better health.

If you struggle with self-care, or have trouble following through with what you say you want to do, this planner is your new best friend.

The Lifestyle Design Planner

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Designed by a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, the planner’s elegant yet simple format provides the right level of structure without cramping your creative mojo. This highly-customizable life organizer will help you manage all the pieces of your life in one place.

Using the LivingUpp™ 8-dimensional self-care framework, you’ll also learn how to identify which areas of your life need the most attention, so you can prioritize where and how to invest your time and energy.

The Lifestyle Design Planner will help you GSD without overfunctioning

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • A self-discovery worksheet to help you get clear about what you want to do, be, have and feel
  • A daily self-assessment to help you focus your energy where it’s needed the most
  • Space to identify your core values and theme words for the year
  • A two-page spread for your vision board
  • Bullet journal sections for mind-mapping and sketching
  • Yearly and monthly calendar spreads to help you map out your big-picture vision
  • 12 monthly planning pages with space to create 8-dimensional goals for the month
  • 12 monthly habit trackers to help you outperform your goals
  • 54 weekly planning spreads to keep you laser-focused on your goals during the busy work-week
  • Two notes pages between each weekly spread, so you can easily refer back to important meeting notes, ideas, and journal entries
  • A list of over 300 self-care activities that you can explore throughout the year

Living Upp's Lifestyle Design Planner

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*Links on this website may include affiliate links to Amazon and its affiliate sites, which means the owner of this website may make a referral commission.

But here’s what you WON’T find in this planner:

  • Excessive motivational quotes cluttering up the pages
  • Irrelevant or redundant journal prompts
  • Lengthy pages of instructions stealing precious planning space

Design a life that fits the real you!

Weekly Planning

Map out your week to stay connected to your priorities. In the left upper corner, add your own motivational quotes or a weekly to-do list and top goals for the week. The additional lines in the margins are perfect for list-making and mapping out ideas. To use the daily Rate Your 8 assessment tool, simply rate each of the 8 dimensions of self-care on a scale of 1 to 10 by asking this question: “How well am I supporting myself in this area of my life?” 

Monthly Planning

As you consider the month ahead, map out your biggest self-care needs and priorities. Then use the Monthly Tracker to measure your progress each time you complete the activity. You can also use the grid below to track additional goals.

Yearly Calendar

Use the Yearly Calendar to map out important events, like birthdays, holidays, recurring medical appointments, product launches, and other important milestones.

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Theme Words & Core Values

Theme words reflect what it is you intend to manifest in your life. You can either choose one word or several. These powerful words will serve as your decision-making guide throughout the year, so choose them carefully. 

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Examples of Themes & Value Words 

Abundance | Acceptance | Accuracy | Achievement | Adaptability | Adventure | Affection | Agility | Appreciation | Awareness | Balance | Beauty | Beauty | Belonging | Blissfulness | Boldness | Bravery | Calm | Charity | Cheerfulness | Clarity | Collaboration | Comfort | Communication | Community | Compassion | Confidence | Consciousness | Connection | Consistency | Contribution | Cooperation | Courage | Courtesy | Creativity | Cultivate | Curiosity | Decisiveness | Dedication | Delight | Dependability | Determination |  Discovery | Discretion | Diversity | Drive | Duty | Education | Efficiency | Elegance | Empathy | Encouragement | Energy | Enjoyment 

8 Dimensional Plan

The 8 Dimensional Plan found on both the Quarterly and Monthly planning spreads provide space for you to consider how you can best support yourself within each of the 8 dimensions of self-care. For a list of 300+ ideas, refer to the back of the planner.

Vision Board

Your vision board is a visual representation of how you want to experience your life — what you’re working toward, and what you want to invite more of into your life. Flip through magazines, search the internet, or scroll through Pinterest to find images that draw your attention and represent the future you want to create.

Quarterly Planning

Breaking the year into quarters can be a useful exercise, especially if you’re juggling a lot. Consider your goals and priorities for each of the four quarters of the year to get a big picture view of what you’ll need to accomplish. Pay attention to how much time and resources you’ll need to devote to your personal and professional goals during each quarter and make adjustments to your self-care plan as needed.

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Take lots of notes? These slim notebooks* fit right inside the planner, so when you fill one up, just write the date on the back and grab a new one. That makes it easier to refer back to notes that you’ve taken in the past.

What makes this planner different?

It’s holistic. The LivingUpp™ 8-dimensional self-care framework offers a holistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to identify your greatest needs and prioritize how you spend your time. With self-care at the heart of this planner, you’ll learn how to weave healthy habits into your daily life so you can accomplish your goals without sacrificing your health in the process.

It’s flexible. The simplicity of design is really what makes this planner special. Some planners over-complicate the planning process with excessive journal prompts and trackers. This planner is flexible, allowing you to focus your attention ONLY on the areas that are relevant to your life right now. It’s completely customizable and adaptable to your unique life circumstances.

It’s travel-friendly. The 7”x10” size fits easily into a most handbags, backpacks, and carry-on bags.

If you’re tired of buying a new planner every month, this one is about to make your life a whole lot easier.

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