Living Upp is a self-care company that helps individuals and organizations plan and design self-care strategies based on an 8-dimensional self-care system.

I’m Stacy Fisher-Gunn, an author, speaker, and self-care designer with over 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry as a registered dietitian, working with large companies such as Dell and Boeing. I’m committed to teaching you how to create a self-care plan that propels you toward your fullest potential, by showing you how to weave self-care into your daily life — without feeling guilty about it.

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In my book Uppward: A Self-Care System for Purposeful Living, I introduced 8 unique dimensions of self-care (systemic, emotive, luminescent, financial, cognitive, aptitudinal, relational, and environmental), and later developed the Rate Your 8 assessment tool, which makes it easier to identify where to focus your time and energy so you get the greatest return on your health.

To give our best, we have to be our best, so if your life’s purpose involves being in service to others, then taking good care of yourself isn’t optional — it’s essential.

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