Living Upp is an online self-care community that offers down-to-earth self-care strategies based on a unique 8-dimensional system. Our mission is to help you redesign your life so you can live up to your highest potential.

Self-care is a preventive health strategy involving actions and behaviors that improve, restore, or maintain good health. This often underutilized tool is a simple preventive health strategy that can help you reduce health care costs and improve your quality of life.

Self-care is a preventive health strategy involving actions and behaviors that improve, restore, or maintain good health. Click To Tweet

I’m Stacy Fisher, an author, speaker, and self-care designer with 18+ years of experience in the healthcare industry as a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, and I’ve worked in hospitals and nursing homes, private practice, and with large companies such as Dell, Boeing, and Nike.

Over the course of my career, I’ve observed a number of effective strategies for achieving and maintaining health goals, and I’ve weaved them into The Self-Care Mastery Program. In this yearlong program, you’ll learn how to create a sustainable self-care plan that serves you.

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In my book Uppward: A Self-Care System for Purposeful Living, I introduced the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care (systemic, emotive, luminescent, financial, cognitive, aptitudinal, relational, and environmental), as well as the Rate Your 8 assessment tool, which makes the process of identifying where to focus your time and energy for the greatest return on your health easy. Likewise, The Self-Care Planner is another great tool to help you implement your 8-dimensional self-care plan.

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In this community, we believe in…

  • Health. Health is our greatest asset and self-care is the most powerful and affordable preventive tool we have. 
  • Humor. We laugh a lot (and sometimes use colorful language). I mean, life is pretty hilarious when you think about it, isn’t it?
  • Positivity. What we focus on expands, which is why finding the beauty — even in life’s heavy moments — is so critical. Our mindset creates our reality. 
  • Connection. Supportive, encouraging relationships are essential for building strong families and communities, which is why this self-care community is committed to helping you sustain motivation and establish accountability for achieving your goals. Healthy behaviors are contagious. By improving your own health, you have an opportunity to improve the health of those you love.
  • Nature. Our health is directly impacted by the health of the world around us. Nature deserves our respect and gratitude.

If your life’s purpose involves being in service to others, then taking good care of yourself isn’t optional — it’s essential. Being over-scheduled, over-committed and overwhelmed is a recipe for disaster.

If your life's purpose involves being in service to others, then taking good care of yourself isn't optional -- it’s essential. Click To Tweet

Are you living up to your highest potential?

Living Upp's Self-Care Mastery Program

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When we surround ourselves with others who share similar goals, we feel more committed to those goals, which also means we make more progress. Being part of a community creates opportunities to make meaningful contributions with others that serve to support, encourage, and motivate us to continue pushing forward when our motivation wanes.

You are going to love this community if you…

  • need more structure and balance
  • are tired of taking life so seriously and want to experience more joy
  • are ready to begin weaving self-care into your busy life
  • need to learn how to set healthy boundaries
  • want to be surrounded by positive energy
  • are ready to set some realistic goals to improve your health
  • want to feel alive — rather than simply going through the motions of life

And here’s the best part: When life knocks you down, this community is here to pick you up!

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