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Self-Care for New Beginnings

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Maybe it's time to rethink everything.

If you've come to a place where it's time to map out a new plan for your life, we'll help you with the design process. Let's explore what's possible for you!


Choose from a variety of on-demand courses designed to help you prioritize self-care, so you can make lifestyle changes that enable you to live with more ease and better health. Get started today!

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Join the Lifestyle Design Studio and begin designing a healthier lifestyle with guidance from Stacy Fisher, a registered dietitian and lifestyle coach with 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry.

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Stacy's Story

Go. One Woman. One Van. A New Beginning.* is a memoir about Stacy's cross-country van trip after her marriage ended. New beginnings can be scary, but they can also be some of the greatest adventures of our lives.

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Hello Beautiful!

It's so wonderful to have you here! Grab some tea. Get comfy. Pull up a chair. If you're thinking of making some lifestyle changes, you're exactly where you need to be...

Life feels amazing today, but it didn't always. My lifestyle redesign journey began when I discovered that my marriage was failing. I was emotionally shattered and broken in ways that I never imagined possible. And when everything finally unraveled, I was faced with a very scary question: What now?

I felt terrified and directionless, but I was desperate to find a way to delay my important decisions--like where to live--until I felt more grounded.  

So, I did something bold (and a little unusual)...

I bought a Sprinter van, loaded it up with only the possessions that would fit inside it, and set out on a cross-country trip to redesign my life. 

That trip gave me the space I needed to grieve the end of my marriage, and it also gave me time to decide how exactly I wanted to experience my life going forward. On the road to resilience, I also began to see everything differently. Somewhere along the way, I realized this important truth:

Life can be as easy or as difficult as I choose to make it.

For years, I'd convinced myself that life was a struggle, that it was full of difficult decisions and complicated hardships. And while life does tend to throw all of us some unexpected curve balls from time to time, problems always have solutions. In fact, most problems have unlimited solutions.

So, if you're facing a big decision of your own, or find yourself at a life-changing crossroads, I know how scary it can feel. I've been there.

But you don't have to do it alone. Let's explore some possibilities together, and discuss how coaching could work for you.

Whatever happened is done. What happens next is up to you.

It's time to move out of survival mode and start designing your new lifestyle today. Schedule your free discovery call <<< here >>> and start designing your new life right now. 

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” — T.S. Eliotâ €

Hi, I'm Stacy!

With more than 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian, lifestyle coach, speaker, and health & travel writer, I help women build a strong foundation of self-care, so they can make their way through through life's unexpected challenges more quickly and easily. 

LivingUpp's 8 Dimensions of Self-Care Framework

LivingUpp's Self-Care framework and planning system helps you determine where to invest your time, energy, attention, and other resources for the greatest return on your health.

Self-care is a form of preventive healthcare, and it incudes all the actions and behaviors that improve, restore, or maintain good health.

Learn more about how to weave self-care into your daily life with the Lifestyle Design Planner.


Our Mission at LivingUpp

Our mission at LivingUpp is simple: to Unite People with Possibilities for building a resilient life. Why? Because life's just too short to live a sh*tty one. We empower women to stop saving all the good stuff for later, and discover what's possible for their future.

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