The Self-Care Planner

The LivingUpp™ Self-Care Planner is designed for people who crave more ease and better health

The Self-Care Planner with gold feathers

Having trouble with work-life balance? Learn how to manage your personal and professional goals and commitments all in one place. The Self-Care Planner will help you: 

  • Make self-care a priority every day
  • Establish daily practices that keep you connected to your goals
  • Create a vision board that inspires you
  • Map out your goals on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis
  • Use the Rate Your 8 assessment tool to identify your most pressing needs
  • Identify your values and theme words 
  • Create an 8-dimensional self-care plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Success shouldn’t come at the expense of your health. 

two ladies enjoying coffee and The Self-Care Planner by Living Upp's Stacy Fisher

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“I wanted to share that I LOVE the self-care planner. I have decided to replace my 5-minute journal in my morning routine with yours. It really gives a broader view from which to review things. I find it very fascinating that often the area I think I need more focus on, isn’t really the actual area rated the lowest. Thank you so much for creating this!!!!! So, So , good.”  – Planner User

Design a life you love!

Here are a few tips to help you get started with The Self-Care Planner.

Weekly Planning

Map out your week to stay connected to your priorities. In the left upper corner, you can add your own motivational quotes or a weekly to-do list, or use the bullet points to identify your top 5 goals for the week. The additional lines and dotted lines in the margins are for list-making and mapping out ideas.

To use the Rate Your 8 assessment tool, simply rate each of the 8 dimensions of self-care on a scale of 1 to 10 by asking this question: “How well am I supporting myself in this area of my life?”

Yearly Calendar

Begin thinking about the year ahead. What are the activities, events, and tasks that you’ll need to complete to reach your goals and keep your life running smoothly? Consider the items on your “to do” list that you do every year without fail, like meeting with your financial adviser, getting your teeth cleaned, or taking a family vacation. Use the Yearly Calendar to map out important events, like birthdays, holidays, goal milestones, product launches, or important appointments.

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Theme Words & Core Values

Theme words are intentions, words that reflect what you intend to create and manifest in your life. Some people choose a single word to focus on throughout the year, while others choose several. Danielle LaPorte’s book The Desire Map* is a great resource to help you identify your core desired feelings. These are powerful words that help guide your decision-making all year long. For example, if an opportunity comes your way but doesn’t align with your theme words or core values, it’s a good indicator that you might want to think twice before saying ‘yes’ to it.

Examples of Themes & Value Words 

Abundance | Acceptance | Accuracy | Achievement | Adaptability | Adventure | Affection | Agility | Appreciation | Awareness | Balance | Beauty | Beauty | Belonging | Blissfulness | Boldness | Bravery | Calm | Charity | Cheerfulness | Clarity | Collaboration | Comfort | Communication | Community | Compassion | Confidence | Consciousness | Connection | Consistency | Contribution | Cooperation | Courage | Courtesy | Creativity | Cultivate | Curiosity | Decisiveness | Dedication | Delight | Dependability | Determination |  Discovery | Discretion | Diversity | Drive | Duty | Education | Efficiency | Elegance | Empathy | Encouragement | Energy | Enjoyment 

8 Dimensional Plan

The 8 Dimensional Plan provides space for you to consider how you will support yourself within each of the 8 dimensions in the coming year. What are your long-term goals in these eight areas of your life?


Vision Board

Your vision board is a reflection of your deepest desires. It’s a visual representation of where you are headed, what you are working toward, and what you are inviting into your life. Flip through magazines, search the internet, or scroll through Pinterest to find images that draw your attention and represent the future you want to create. Then use a glue stick or tape and affix them to the pages. I review my vision board on a daily basis as part of my morning practice to stay in touch with my goals. This practice can be an especially powerful motivator during life’s heavier moments.

Quarterly Planning

Breaking the year into quarters can be a useful exercise, especially for entrepreneurs. Map out your product launches, marketing plans, or content strategy. Consider your goals and priorities for each of the four quarters to simplify your focus throughout the year. Pay attention to how much time and resources you’ll need to devote to your personal and professional goals during each quarter and make adjustments to your self-care plan as needed.

Monthly Calendar

Now, think about the month ahead. What are the activities, events, and tasks that need to be completed this month? As an entrepreneur, you may add social media campaigns, sales targets, or upcoming networking events. As a parent, you may add school meetings, extracurricular activities, or family outings. As an individual who values self-care, you may choose to add activities that support each of the 8 dimensions.

Don’t forget to write in the month on the left lower page for quick reference, and then fill in the dates on the calendar. (It can be helpful have a year-at-a-glance calendar in front of you for this.)

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Monthly Planning

Consider the month ahead and map out your self-care goals for the month. Then use the Monthly Tracker to measure your progress by placing an “x” or check mark on each of the days that you complete the activity. You can also record the total number of days you completed the task in the box at the end of the tracker row. Additionally, you can use the grid below the tracker to map out additional goals.

It is such a great way to break the time down to bite size pieces with keeping the self-care piece at the top. It’s heaven for a “J”. Your “tutorial” on your website is BRILLIANT my dear. You are a genius. – Planner User

Note Taking 

Do you take lots of notes? These slim notebooks* fit right inside the planner, so when you fill one up, just write the date on the back and grab a new one. That makes it easier to refer back to notes that you’ve taken in the past.


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