Living Upp is an uplifting community that offers down-to-earth guidance for practicing self-care. Founder Stacy Fisher-Gunn is a down-to-earth dietitian and self-care designer who helps women define, design, and implement a personal self-care practice using her unique 8-dimensional self-care model.


Meet The Team


Spirit Animal

Butters was a beautiful (and clucking hilarious) Buff Orpington hen who will forever remain with us in spirit.



Stacy is a Down-to-Earth Dietitian, Self-Care Designer, Diabetes Educator, and Author who is on a mission to make self-care the next big thing.


Director of Entertainment

Zoey refuses to attend any company meetings unless there are treats involved, but she’s a highly skilled entertainer so we let it slide.

What We Do

self-care coaching for better healthThe Living Upp community serves as a central hub for those who are moving through life’s heavy moments.

  • Have you been so busy navigating life’s difficult moments that you’ve ignored your health?
  • Have you gained weight unintentionally?
  • Did you recently learn that you have a new health condition or that you’re at risk for developing one?
  • Do you eat like sh*t?
  • Is your health getting in the way of living a life you love?

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Oh, and why 2 p’s?

The second “p” in our name isn’t an accident. We’re all about uniting people with their full potential.

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