October Self-Care Activities

self-care activities Oct 01, 2021
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October is here, and you know what that means: pumpkin everything! But even if you don’t like pumpkin, make sure self-care doesn't fall to the bottom of your do-do list while you’re busy with Halloween festivities.

Scan through this list of October self-care activities and choose a few to weave into your weekly routines.

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October Self-Care

Here are 9 October self-care activities to explore this month:

1. Bake a Squash

Squash is a rich source of many nutrients, including vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, and fiber.

In the fall months, there’s no shortage of this vegetable (or fruit, if you happen to be a botanist). The easiest way to prepare squash is in the oven or Instant Pot.  

2. Moisturize

As you age, the structure and texture of your skin changes. That means the skin care products you've been using for the last 20 years might not be right for you now.

If you're not in love with your current moisturizer, it might be time to explore some new brands.* And if you’re concerned about any areas of your skin, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

3. Clean Out Your Pantry

When’s the last time you pulled everything out of your pantry and reorganized it? With the holidays fast approaching, having a tidy pantry can save time and make your life easier. 

As you sort through your pantry, toss out any expired items and take note of what needs to be replaced. 

4. Update Your Workout Gear

Does your gym wardrobe need an update? You may need to replace clothes that are worn out or no longer fit because you’ve made progress on your fitness goals.

Buying new workout clothes may even motivate you to up-level your fitness routine.

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5. Step It Up

Pedometers and accelerometers can provide a boost of motivation if you struggle to be consistent with your workout routines. Whether you count steps, minutes, or some other fitness metric, knowing where you stand will help you adjust your daily routines.

Fitbit* has a wide variety of digital devices that helps you keep an eye on your physical activity.

6. Donate

Donate any unused or unwanted items lurking in your closet or garage. You can also donate unexpired food items, like canned goods.

7. Review Your Bank Statements

Review your bank and credit card statements for sneaky account fees. Sometimes policy changes fly under the radar, and you may be incurring charges you weren’t aware of.

As the year comes to an end, many banks and credit card companies offer better rates and rewards programs, so it’s a good time to do some comparison shopping. 

8. Get Your Flu Shot

Check with your medical provider to see which immunizations are appropriate for your age and medical conditions. Add the flu shot to your calendar during your annual review each year to make sure you remember.

9. Buy a New Planner

Get a head start on you new year planning and purchase your planner now. When the new year rolls around, the most popular planners are often out of stock. The Lifestyle Design Planner* helps you keep self-care front-and-center, so you can be highly productive without burning yourself out.

Explore October Self-Care Activities

Take a moment to review the goals you the month and map out the October self-care activities that support your greatest needs.

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*LivingUpp is a participant in affiliate programs, which means we may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases on links to Amazon and other sites at no additional cost to you.