How to Journal

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Do you keep a journal? A written collection of your thoughts and ideas? Journaling is something I’m asked about a lot, and it’s been one of my daily rituals for years. As an introvert, getting my thoughts out on paper comes much more easily than speaking them out loud. This form of expression also gives […]

October Self-Care Activities

It’s fall, y’all. Pumpkins and leaves and lattes are a given, but what’s your game plan for getting and staying healthy this month? Use Living Upp’s 8-dimensional self-care framework as a guide, and add these ten suggestions to your October self-care list. (And here are 366 other random self-care activity ideas.) Get a Flu Shot […]

How to Create Daily Rituals

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Daily Rituals Daily rituals help you stay organized and focused on what’s most important in your life. But what exactly is a ritual? It’s a fancy way of describing a personal routine or practice. Simply put, rituals are self-care habits. They are the things you do consistently every day to create the lifestyle you desire–what […]

Start a Movement with Michelle Mazur’s 3 Word Rebellion

In this episode of Living Upp’s Conversations with Smart People, I talked with Communication Rebel Michelle Mazur about how to start a movement using her 3 Word Rebellion framework. Whether you’re a leader, entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to change the world, have a listen to our full interview below. To watch the full […]

The Emotive Dimension of Self-Care

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The Emotive Dimension of Self-Care involves how you express yourself and respond to the things that happen around you. When you experience intense emotions—especially when life doesn’t go the way you want it to—it’s easy to look for ways to numb or distract yourself. But learning how to manage your emotions is essential if you […]