On Grieving and Self-Care

fern growing out of a rock

Five years ago today, my life changed dramatically and unexpectedly. It wasn’t so much that I was blind-sided—after all, my intuition had known the truth for quite some time—it was simply that a sequence of events had escalated to the point that I could no longer deny the truth. And that’s the moment my grieving […]

What’s Really Happening Between the Sheets?

woman stretching in the morning

Can we talk about something that’s absolutely non-negotiable for good health? While there may be a few things happening between the sheets, I’m talking about the importance of getting enough restful sleep. The CDC recommends most adults get about 7 hours of sleep each day. But at least 30% of Americans aren’t hitting that target […]

How to Create More Ease

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Overfunctioning has become the norm and it’s making us sick. In 2018, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that 1 in 5 adults don’t think they’re doing enough to manage stress. It shows. Ongoing stress has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. But the truth is, life doesn’t have […]

What I Learned Practicing Self-Care Every Day for a Year

Stacy Fisher of Living Upp with her hen Butteres

In 2016, I challenged myself to practice a new form of self-care every day for an entire year. So, for 366 days straight (thanks to a leap year), I experimented with everything from using a foam roller, to using a pressure cooker, to publishing a book*. Over the course of that year, I learned which […]