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The Environmental Dimension of Self-Care

self-care Mar 21, 2020

The 8 Dimensions of Self-Care framework by LivingUpp™ offers a holistic approach to building a balanced, healthy life. The Environmental Dimension of Self-Care focuses on how you interact with the world around you.

In this dimension, you’ll explore the environmental impact of your decisions and how to create sacred spaces that help you fulfill your life's purpose. By enlisting self-care strategies that support this dimension of your life, you'll feel more grounded and connected to the world so you can make better decisions that support the well-being of all living things.

The Environmental Dimension of Self-Care involves respecting nature and the environment, but it also includes our personal spaces.

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Here are a few self-care suggestions to support the environmental dimension:

Respect Nature

Reduce, reuse and recycle. We've all heard it and many practice the phrase regularly. The benefits of reducing the amount of waste we produce doesn't just benefit the wildlife that we share this Earth with; it also supports OUR health -- from the nutrients in the foods we eat to the quality of the air we breathe. 

Likewise, simply spending time in nature -- walking, hiking, gardening -- relieves stress and put life's complexities into perspective. 

Doing your part to respect the world around you benefits the health of all living things.

Create Sacred Spaces

Having a place to go when when your energy levels are depleted or when you need to return to a state of calm can be extremely therapeutic. By designating a sacred space that you can return to when you need to reconnect and realign, you'll be more creative and productive. 

To strengthen this dimension of self-care, do your part to reduce waste and create sacred spaces to better support your health.

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