Self-Care Challenge (Day 123): Savoring

On day 123 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the art of savoring.

Admiring the beauty of completed projects can be incredibly satisfying.

Whether it’s a sewing project, a construction project, or simply an afternoon of pulling weeds in the garden, taking a moment to pause and sit in admiration of our accomplishments can be deeply rewarding.

My father has mowed more grass than any person I’ve ever known. On our family’s small Ohio farm, the grass patch near the farmhouse was dwarfed by the large fields that also begged for attention. Once, he told me that his favorite part of the day was late afternoon, when he was able to sit back and enjoy the results of his labor: a beautifully manicured landscape. That was my act of self-care for the day.

Some researchers believe that this kind of savoring – purposefully prolonging the intensity and duration of positive emotions – can bring an even greater sense of happiness and overall life satisfaction.

I believe it.

Taking a moment to acknowledge our achievements, no matter how great or small, reminds us that when we willingly spend our time and energy on things that matter to us, we’re capable of achieving great things.

Do you take time to savor your accomplishments?

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