Self-Care Challenge (Day 161): Spending Time with Family

On day 161 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I spent time with my family.

My grandparents used to say that Sundays were for visiting family. After church, they would load up the car and travel from house to house, sitting on front porches and catching up on the prior week’s events. That’s how they stayed connected.

Today, with so many families being spread out across the globe, it’s hard to keep track of where people live, much less what they did last week. And if it wasn’t for social media it would be even more difficult.

My husband and I live thousands of miles away from our nearest family members, which makes it quite a challenge to see each other as often as we’d like. With visits so infrequent, there’s usually a lot of catching up to do when we do finally have an opportunity to sit down together.

With our family in town this past week, we shared meals, laughed (a lot), took walks, went sightseeing, and talked about life’s most recent adventures (as well as ones we hope to take in the future).

Spending time with loved ones helps us stay connected to our core values, and it loosens our grip on our daily routines, reminding us that time goes by so very quickly. What seems like just a couple of years turns into decades before you know it. And this becomes even more evident when you hear stories about your parents that you realize happened at your current age.

But just when you feel reconnected and caught up on life’s events, you find yourself hugging them tightly and waving goodbye. Until next time, you think…however long that may be. But your heart is filled with gratitude and love, and that’s what counts.

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