Self-Care Challenge (Day 175): Tracking Goals

goalsSince starting my bullet journal, I’ve been having a blast tracking my goals.

It hasn’t felt like “work” at all, something that I believe is the key to sustainable behavior change. When behaviors are fun–when we look forward to them–we’re more likely to put effort into them consistently.

Within my journal, I’ve created several pages that address my goals. I have sections for annual goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily tasks. Checking off boxes to indicate the completion of tasks and projects not only boosts my confidence in reaching my future goals, but it also provides me with a sense of personal satisfaction that lifts my spirit.

Roughly twice a day (once at mid-day and once before bed) I’ll take a moment to log my activities on my tracking page. At mid-day, I mark of the tasks I’ve completed and do a quick check to see if I have any unfinished activities left on my list. Then, before bed, I check in again to see how I did overall and to celebrate my accomplishments for the day.

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