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Lifestyle Design Planning Guide

planning Apr 10, 2019

Be honest: Has your life played out exactly the way you thought it would? Or have there been a few little surprises along the way?

Mine sure hasn't -- or, at least, not the way my 20-something-self thought it would. In some ways, my life has been better than I imagined. But I've also suffered through my share of disappointments along they way.

I call these side adventures.

When you have a clear picture of how you want to experience your life, you'll be able to find your way back from those little side adventures more easily.

In this article, we'll take a look at what the LivingUpp™ Lifestyle Design Process is and how you can use it to create more ease and better health. 

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle Design is the process of getting clear about how you want to experience your life, and then creating the conditions to manifest it.

The lifestyle design process involves six simple steps: 

  1. Assess
  2. Prioritize
  3. Envision
  4. Plan
  5. Commit 
  6. Manifest

Much like self-care, the Lifestyle Design process is personal. How you choose to map out your plan will depend on your unique personality, beliefs, values, strengths, and interests.

Your best lifestyle supports your greatest needs, not someone else's. A

The Lifestyle Design Process

Here's an overview of the lifestyle design process:

1. Assess

The first step is to assess the 8 key areas of your life using the Rate Your 8 Assessment. This simple tool will help you determine which areas you're supporting well and which ones need more support. Taking inventory is an important first step because it helps you identify where to invest your energy. 

2. Prioritize

Once you've rated your 8, the second step is to prioritize each area of your life to determine which areas need to be addressed right now. The easiest way to do this is to look at the areas you've rated the lowest and begin there. But, in some cases, you may not be quite ready to tackle that area of your life just yet. That's okay. You'll figure this out in step 5.

3. Envision

The third step is to create a visual image of the future you want to create. This may include putting together a vision board, creating a piece of art, meditating, or some other method to bring the images in your mind to life. Envisioning is a critical step in the lifestyle design process.

4. Plan

The next step involves planning, which is the heart of any good design. Step 4 is where you'll start brainstorming all the possible ways you could bring what you envision to life. The Lifestyle Design Planner* by LivingUpp incorporates lifestyle design tools, like the Rate Your 8 Assessment, to make it easier to keep track of your plans, habits and progress toward your goals day by day. 

5. Commit

This fifth step often gets overlooked, and it's probably one of the reasons so many people give up on their goals before they even get started. In order to commit to a specific goal or action plan, you'll need to assess your readiness. Just because you've identified an area of your life as needing attention doesn't mean you're ready to address it. And it you're not ready, you probably won't invest enough energy to see any benefits. As you review the ideas that came out of your planning step, choose the ones that you feel ready to invest in. And if you struggle with motivation or accountability, the Lifestyle Design Studio might be just what you need to keep moving forward.  

6. Manifest

The final step of the Lifestyle Design Process is where you begin to take action to manifest the life you've envisioned. This is when you begin experimenting with small actions every day that lead to new habits and routines. Manifesting requires ACTION. All the planning in the world isn't going to make your desire a reality without action.

Lifestyle design offers a systematic approach to help you move through the change process more easily. 

To get where you want to be, you have to know where you're going.

Need some help your YOUR lifestyle redesign?

Join us over in the Lifestyle Design Studio

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