Self-Care Challenge (Day 24): Giving Myself A Break

Sunset, 900I have to admit, being on vacation made it really difficult to keep up with my self-care challenge posts. While I was still actively engaged in the project, I didn’t do a great job of writing about them.

At first, I was disappointed in myself for not taking the time. After all, this is something I’m deeply passionate about and committed to seeing through. 

But then I remembered the whole point of this project is to cultivate a genuine self-care practice. It was a timely reminder that I’m not perfect, nor am I trying to be. I found comfort in the fact that I had been more focused on actually living the moments than writing about it.

That’s when I decided to allow this process to unfold as it was meant to, releasing my own self-imposed expectations of how things should be. I will do my best to post daily, but I won’t panic if I don’t. Eventually, I’ll get to it because it’s important to me

Giving ourselves a break can be an empowering gift. After all, not everything in life requires a rigid deadline.

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