Self-Care Challenge (Day 29): Using a Treadmill Workstation

homemeade treadmill work station

On day 29 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the art of multi-tasking (Well, sort of. I combined two tasks by using a treadmill workstation).

As our dependence on technology grows, we’re becoming more aware of the health consequences that come along with it.

Sitting is the new smoking is a phrase coined by Dr. James Levine in 2014 to point out the dangers associated with sedentary lifestyles.

In the years preceding that comment, I worked closely with several corporate wellness programs that were also addressing concerns around physical inactivity in the workplace. Ergonomic assessments became more common, treadmill workstations and adjustable desks became more accessible, and walking groups and other incentive-based activity challenges were established to encourage more movement throughout the workday.

Let’s face it, modern conveniences don’t require us to exert much effort these days. Instead, we’re tied to our desk or trapped behind the wheel of our car for extended periods of time. This lack of physical activity is associated with a number of poor health outcomes, such as weight gain, centralized adiposity (large waist circumference), increased fasting triglycerides, and insulin resistance – all precursors to other chronic, more serious health conditions.

Like many Americans, I spend a lot of time on my computer. So, as part of my self-care plan, I often work at my treadmill workstation. Instead of buying a specialty model, which is pretty spendy (around $6,000 last time I checked), this one was built for around $30. While there’s still some controversy about whether multi-tasking is beneficial, I love being able to “walk and work” at the same time. Many of my best ideas come when I’m moving.

Finding ways to include more physical activity in our increasingly sedentary culture is sometimes challenging – but it can also be fun.

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