Self-Care Challenge (Day 49): Accepting What Is

YesterdayAccepting was “one of those days” where nothing seemed to go according to plan. Tasks that I intended to complete didn’t get done; progress that I hoped to make on projects didn’t move forward an inch; and the day melted away before my eyes, leaving me feeling empty handed.

The reasons were many: 1) I didn’t plan well (the food bank didn’t need any extra volunteers, which I would have known had I had scheduled in advance rather than just showing up); 2) technology was not my friend (despite resetting my password twice and trying to chat with an agent, I wasn’t able to place an online order); and 3) my environment wasn’t conducive to productivity (I allowed too many distractions to steal my attention). 

Of course these minor inconveniences were not catastrophic by any means. But nevertheless, when things don’t go the way we imagined they would, or how we think they should, it can be frustrating. At one point I had to laugh at myself because I noticed that I was mumbling and complaining to myself simply because I didn’t accomplish a few silly items on my to-do list. 

And what did that grumbling accomplish? Nothing.

I’m constantly reminded that doing my best is all I can do. Sometimes my plans will not play out the way I envision them, but learning to accept what “is” and finding new ways to move forward is the only way to achieve goals. 

Accept. Adapt. Adjust. Act. Achieve. But not necessarily in that order. 

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