Self-Care Challenge (Day 51): Snuggling with Pets

Zoey's HeadshotPets have a way of making life better.

Their wagging tails exude a positive energy that is contagious. I mean, how can you not laugh (or at least smile) when you see a animal that is happy as hell for no particular reason? My dachshund, Zoey, is a miniature comedian, and her stand-up routines are always entertaining.

Whether we’re tossing a ball, taking a walk or snuggling on the couch, her mere presence is therapeutic. Some studies have suggested that petting animals can even reduce blood pressure, and pet therapy has been integrated into some medical settings as a form of social support for patients.

Animals are our furry friends and companions that remind us not to take life so seriously, to stop and laugh every now and then, and to know that we are part of a larger, interconnected network of living things.

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