Self-Care Challenge (Day 53): Grocery Shopping

On day 53 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored grocery shopping as an act of self-care.

Grocery shopping is a dreaded task for many people; I happen to be among the few that love it.

Something about the process of selecting beautiful, healthy ingredients just puts me in a good mood. I even look forward to chopping, slicing and putting groceries away in preparation for the upcoming week’s menu.

Grocery shopping is tool that supports the self-care practice of healthy eating. For me, the key to a successful (and efficient) supermarket experience is to have a well-planned shopping list (which, incidentally, also requires having a well-planned menu).

Avoiding high-traffic times like after work or on Sunday evenings, when everyone is scrambling to get ready for the return of the work-week, can make a big difference. I prefer to shop early on Saturday mornings because it allows me to enjoy more of my weekend – and it also makes Sunday evening less hectic.

Regardless of your method, having a routine that gets healthy food into your home is what’s most important.

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