Self-Care Challenge (Day 54): Zentangling

ZentangleZentangle, a modern form of doodling, is a fun way to shift into a state of relaxation. The endless combinations of interconnected patterns can be mesmerizing–so much so, that they can help us block out life’s “noise” and refocus our attention. 

Adult coloring books have become quite popular over the past year: major bookstores, gift shops and even grocery stores have them shelved in high traffic areas. But this seemingly child-like activity isn’t just for kids. While it’s certainly a fun way to reminisce about our childhood, there may also be some potential health benefits, namely reducing stress and anxiety.

While some have argued that “coloring” is not a form of art expression, many forms of sketching and drawing are. What I love about Zentangle is that in just a couple of minutes I can spill my random ideas onto paper, then resume whatever it was I was doing with a refreshed, renewed mind. 

Having an outlet for our creativity helps us express the emotive aspects of our health. No matter what your form of self-expression, choosing activities that are healthy (or at least not harmful) can help support your well-being in many ways.

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