Self-Care Challenge (Day 62): Chasing Good Weather

Seattle Hail
Seattle Hail

No matter where you live there will always be weather anomalies. Rain, snow, sleet, earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms–and, of course, hail.

But you can always go somewhere else when it gets to be too much.

In Seattle we owe our lush, green landscape to the steadily falling rain–something newcomers often find irritating. For residents, though, it’s as common as sunshine to Floridians. We don’t even notice it; in fact we’re grateful for it.

Because of the many micro-climates in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is quite frenetic. There can be clear skies and sunshine in one part of the city, and rain or snow showers in another, especially at higher elevations. We even see hail occasionally, but it’s nothing compared to the storms in the south.

Texas Hail
Texas Hail

In Texas, hail storms are no joke. A 5-minute storm that produced larger than golf ball-sized hail once demolished our roof. I remember watching from my front window as my car got pummeled in the driveway. A friend of ours even had a child injured in the back seat when a window smashed in while she was driving. 

For me, the rain isn’t the problem; it’s the darkness. At first, the seasonal shift is a welcome change from the summer’s routine. You go inside. You make some soup. You sit by the fire. But as the weeks and months drag on, you long for the sunshine.

This year, we did a much better job planning our vacations around the weather. We chose tropical, sunny destinations at key times of the year. And it helps. But getaways don’t have to be fancy. In prior years, we’ve driven just a few hours to a more arid part of the state that gets more sun and it was therapeutic as well.

Escaping to the sunshine can be regenerative to the soul. While it may take a little bit of prior planning, even just a few days away can make all the difference.



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