Self-Care Challenge (Day 72): Reading Scripture

scriptures, 900Spirituality is an important aspect of our luminessence–how we illuminate our inner truth. 

While every religion has been criticized in some way, one common thread among them is that they recognize life’s complexities are greater than we have the capacity to understand. 

I can only imagine how the earliest civilizations processed the world’s curiosities. Lightning, tornadoes, and even rain probably left them scratching their heads. Before science provided us with a more detailed explanation of weather patterns, stories and traditions were based on complete guesses. But since all research begins with a hypothesis, they weren’t too far off.

My point is that none of us can possibly know everything. The fact that we continue to learn each day is proof of that. And regardless of your personal religious beliefs, acknowledging that something greater than yourself exists is humbling.

But whatever you may choose as your guiding light, remember that love and kindness are universal.

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