Self-Care Challenge (Day 79): Pruning

On day 79 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I took full advantage of the break in the clouds and spent the morning pruning my fruit trees.

As I snipped back the branches, it occurred to me how much we (people) are like them (trees).

We grow toward the light. In other words, we seem to be drawn to life’s bright spots. While we may occasionally find ourselves in the shade, we long for the warmth of the sun and prefer to surround ourselves with its positivity.

We have depth. Beneath the surface, we are complex beings. Trees have an intricate system of roots that connect them with other living things within the soil web. Likewise, much of what makes us human–our personality, ours values and our special talents – isn’t always visible either. It’s important to remember this when we catch ourselves making judgments about others based only on what we see.

Pruning promotes growth. Sometimes in order to grow, we need to snip away what is no longer useful to us. We can prune habits that no longer support our goals and people who pull us away from them. When we remove items that no longer serve us, we can devote more energy to the things that matter most to us.

Trees produce more fruit after pruning, too. What will you use your extra energy to create?

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