Self-Care Challenge (Day 82): Being Quiet

Mountains and Lakes of Washington State

On day 82 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the highly underrated art of being quiet.

I love quiet time.

Typically, I capture these moments early in the morning, before the rest of the house comes to life. Quiet time allows me to be still with my thoughts without experiencing the physical emotions that often come with social interactions. It allows me to reconnect with myself.

In her book Quiet (Amazon Associate Link), Susan Cain highlights that some people thrive under conditions of quiet solitude. These people are often referred to as “introverts.” I can relate.

Social interactions inspire me, but I require a lot of recovery time. (I’m probably better described as an “ambivert,” even though I know there is some disagreement about whether or not that personality type exists.)

Knowing this, I’ve learned to create quiet space throughout the week, in an attempt to stay balanced. When my husband is out of town, for instance, I take full advantage of the quiet. It’s like a self-care retreat. No TV. No music. Just the sound of clicking keys and a ticking clock.


While there are some people who prefer the extremes – either complete solitude or constant social interaction – most of us fall somewhere in the middle. The trick is determining our personal “sweet spot.”

And that’s where our environmental health dimension comes in.

Once we understand where we fall on the spectrum, we can then create environments that support our unique needs. These intentional spaces, our “sweet spots,” become part of our self-care practice.

And as we begin to set boundaries around where we spend our time, who we spend time with, and how much time we spend in various spaces, we can better understand where we thrive.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. In what environment do you feel your best?
  2. In what environment do you push yourself the hardest?
  3. In what environment are you able to make the greatest contributions?

Think about the spaces where you feel the most creative, confident and passionate. How can you create more spaces that bring out the best in you?

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