Self-Care Challenge (Day 126): Building Skills

white cappucino mug with frothy heartThis week I am beyond excited to participate in the much-anticipated Nonfiction Writer’s Conference, an annual event hosted by the Nonfiction Author’s Association.

Over the course of three days, I’ve been soaking up the wisdom of 15 different industry experts on a variety of topics ranging from the writing process itself to marketing and promotion to legal issues that writers face. 

It’s encouraging to hear from other authors who have been exactly where I am today, telling of their own adventurous journey. This much is clear: it takes hard work and perseverance (not unlike other professions) to move forward. 

Building new skills is definitely a key piece of my self-care strategy, which is not surprising since curiosity has remained at the top of my VIA signature strengths list for years. I place a high value on learning new skills and honing old ones–it’s part of who I am.    

By learning new things, we not only support the aptitudinal dimension of our health, but also the financial dimension. Learning new things enables us to solve new problems, do things more effectively and efficiently, and that often translates to a cost savings. 

Likewise, when the other self-care dimensions are firing on all cylinders, we can manage stress more easily, staying focused on what’s most important to us.

What new skill have you learned recently?

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