Self-Care Challenge (Day 130): Saying Thank You

Osh KoshMother’s Day is that special day when we get to officially recognize the influential women in our lives who have made us who we are today.  

But if you’re lucky enough to have had a fabulous role model like me, then celebrating mother’s day just once each year doesn’t quite seem like quite enough.

Not being a mother myself, I have developed a deep respect for the super women who are mothers, and I’m still amazed by how much they are able to give of themselves–not only to their children, but to their extended families and communities as well. 

It often leaves me wondering: as a mother, how do you still have anything left to give?

And after talking with many women over the years, I now realize it’s far from easy. Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart, and some days there’s more of “mom” to give than others. 

This is why self-care is such an important part of being a nurturing caregiver. To continue to give of ourselves, we must also nurture our “self.” If we don’t, we simply run out of steam.

How do you celebrate the special women in your life? When “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough, consider supporting them by encouraging them to make self-care a priority. 

If you’re looking for some fun ways to incorporate self-care practices into your own life (or someone you love), check out our list of the best self-care ideas of 2016.

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