Self-Care Challenge (Day 131): Giving Feedback

5 starsTo be honest, I haven’t been very good at writing reviews for products and services that I’ve purchased overs the years.

In fact, I usually only take the time to write one if it’s something I loved or hated. I’ve written a few 1-star reviews and I’ve written several 5’s, but I can’t even think of the last time I wrote a 2-, 3- or 4-star review.

The truth is that it takes time to sit with our thoughts and transform them them into words, and time is one of our most protected resources.

But as a new author, I’ve come to understand the importance of reviews for a couple of reasons. 

For one, reviews provide businesses with valuable feedback about their products and services, helping them better understand what exactly their customers like and don’t like. Often, comprehensive reviews even offer suggestions for improvements, helping companies look at new ideas that may have never been considered before. In short, reviews help companies become better companies, innovators become better innovators, and writers become better writers.

Like performance reviews in the workplace, the overall value of a review is that it provides an in-depth assessment of actual performance compared to expected performance. When we buy products or services we have certain expectations about how they will perform, or what we will gain from them. For this reason, reviews usually include thoughts and opinions about overall performance, perceived value, or both. 

And secondly, reviews provide social proof that a product or service is worth the investment. Peer reviews can also offer guidance to others who are seeking a solution to a similar problem, helping them identify the best choice when they are faced with choosing between options. In that way, reviewers actually provide a public service. 

How does this related to self-care? I have come to the realization that giving feedback is a form of self-care because it forces me to truly consider the value of my purchases (thereby helping me pay more attention to the financial aspects of my well-being), and it also enables me to give back to my community in the form of offering help to others who are considering a purchase. 

Giving feedback comes in many forms, but it typically involves writing a review on Amazon, commenting on blogs or other relevant news media, or sharing opinions on personal social media outlets. 

To those who have taken a moment to provide feedback–to me, or to any other company or author–I want to sincerely thank you for providing your valuable insights. For the most part, providing feedback is a thankless act, but one that has immense value.

Thank you!

When was the last time you wrote a review?

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