Self-Care Challenge (Day 132): Hugging a Tree

Tree Love 2Does this blog post make me an official tree hugger?


And that’s totally fine. I’ve become quite good friends with my towering neighbors over the past few years, and they inspire me on a daily basis.

It had always been a dream of mine to choose a home based solely on how a place made me feel. And that’s exactly what happened when we bought our current home in Issaquah, WA. The truth is, I fell in love with the trees.

At the time, I had been living in a hotel for a month while I transitioned into a new job role. My husband was still living in Austin, and his responsibility was to sell our home there, while mine was to buy one here. The classic “divide and conquer” technique.

I had looked at several properties without much success. Too big. Too small. Too much fixing. Ironically, the day I visited this property, I had just put in an offer on a different one. But that night I couldn’t sleep, and I called my realtor in the morning to rescind the prior offer and put in a new offer on our current home.

I’m so glad we did! Now back to the trees.

Growing up in the Midwest, I had been surrounded by trees my whole life. I loved playing in the woods, and being outside somehow made me feel more connected. But here in the Pacific Northwest, the trees are much different. They’re bigger. They’re more mysterious. Rays of sunlight through mist and trees in the morningAnd their mere presence commands respect. There are very few Red Western Cedars or Douglas Firs on our property that I can reach my arms around completely, and for some reason that makes me smile.

I love looking out my window and staring back at these strong, enduring beings. Their silent solidarity reminds me that when we stand firm, working toward our goals, we can reach our fullest potential–especially when we’re surrounded by a supportive community.

Most of time, we achieve this by simply being who we are…just like the trees. They remind us quietly that being authentic is a true reflection of how we care for ourselves. And being true to our “self” is the first step to being authentic.

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