Self-Care Challenge (Day 136): Baking a Cheesecake

cherry cheesecakeIn my family, each family member got to choose their favorite dessert on their birthday. 

While cake is probably the most popular treat for celebrating birthdays, it isn’t all that personal. On my birthdays, I would almost always pick an angel food cake topped with my grandmother’s famous chocolate dream whip recipe (similar to pudding). 

My husband’s favorite dessert is cherry cheesecake, and that’s exactly what I made over the weekend to celebrate his birthday.  

But baking that special treat was also a treat for me. Cooking requires a decent amount of time and energy, and in that way it’s also an expression of love and appreciation.

While eating sugary desserts too frequently can lead to unhealthy consequences like weight gain, the displacement of more nutrient-rich foods in the diet, and poorly managed diabetes, enjoying treats on holidays and special occasions is something to be savored.

What is your favorite dessert for celebrating?

Stacy Fisher-Gunn
Stacy Fisher-Gunn

I'm a Self-Care Coach, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Author, and Founder of Living Upp. This community is a reflection of my desire to create an inspiring gathering place for people who want to explore self-care and live up to their fullest potential.

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