Self-Care Challenge (Day 143): Sitting in Stillness

sunset at Deception Pass on Whidbey Island, WAIf you’re a parent, then you’re probably uttered the words “sit still!”

But how often do you take your own advice?

Excitable children don’t yet understand the value of sitting still, but the truth is that many adults don’t either.  

Being still with our thoughts reconnects us to our “self,” and it helps us keep our values and priorities in focus.

But let’s be honest, it’s hard to sit still in a culture that never rests. We’re constantly stimulated, and we’re viewed as lazy unless we’re busy. Busyness is highly rewarded. 

I get it. Stillness is really difficult for me too. (Really, really difficult.)

I feel a sense of disappointment unless I accomplish something meaningful every day. Yet, despite that tendency I am beginning to learn the value of sitting still with my thoughts. I’m starting to understand that sometimes we need space to gather and connect the dots between our experiences and our authentic selves. In short, stillness helps us arrive at good decisions. It gives us the freedom to think more freely and creatively.

Even now, as I reflect on my own experience with stillness, I realize that I’m never completely still. I’m oscillating between tasks–sitting in moments of stillness. It’s going to take practice. 

What does stillness look like for you?

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