Self-Care Challenge (Day 164): Marveling

woodpeckerTo marvel is to be filled with wonder or astonishment. And it certainly doesn’t take much to experience the marvelousness of nature if you take even just a few moments to notice what’s around you. 

I’ve written about taking walks in nature quite frequently, and as I approach the halfway point of this self-care challenge, I’m discovering that nature is a core component of my personal self-care strategy. I need to feel connected to nature to be my best, to feel my best.

While taking a walk on one of my favorite trails over the weekend I noticed a couple of red headed woodpeckers. They’re certainly no strangers to our neighborhood, as I often hear them pecking away–sometimes from a distance and sometimes right in front of me.

They are so loud that I sometimes mistake them for a neighbor hammering something, and more than once I’ve found myself staring up at a tree only to find a pileated woodpecker hard at work. Who would believe something so small could make such a racket!? 

But seeing animals thriving in their natural habitat is such a treat. It makes me so happy. 

I’m learning that marveling at the beauty of nature is one of the simplest ways that I can take care of myself. To reconnect with myself and the environment and to remind myself that it’s not all about me.

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