Self-Care Challenge (Day 173): Going to the Dentist

toothbrushI understand that not everyone enjoys going to the dentist.

I mean, it’s not exactly comfortable lying there with your mouth open and someone’s fingers poking around in there.

But oddly enough, I’ve always kind of looked forward to going to the dentist. I like the way my teeth feel when I leave–clean, shiny and smooth. 

As a kid, I can remember the excitement of seeing my name added to the “cavity free” bulletin board in my dentist’s office. As silly as it sounds, it felt much like winning first place in some strange contest.  

One of my recent self-care priorities has been to develop a daily flossing habit. (And it clearly paid off because my hygienist noticed!) It’s something that has always been hard for me to remember to do. The only exception was after my braces were removed–flossing was so much easier without having to use a threaded needle. Free-flossing felt like a gift. 

Maintaining good dental hygiene is a basic tenet of health. Most insurance plans cover cleanings every year, and many cover visits every six months. This is definitely one area of health where prevention is key. A consistent brushing and flossing routine can help reduce the need for more invasive (and sometimes painful) dental treatments down the road.

When was your last visit to the dentist?

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