Self-Care Challenge (Day 174): Taking a Yoga Class

purple yoga mat

On day 174 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I took a yoga class in celebration of International Yoga Day.

After my regular Tuesday morning strength training class at the gym, I decided to stay a little longer for the next class. It was exactly what I needed. So much so, that I might even add this class to my Tuesday routine.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel doing two back to back classes. I’ve taken many yoga classes that were quite challenging, and my muscles were already feeling a bit fatigued when I arrived.

Thankfully, the instructor’s plan for the day was to focus on a series of deep stretches that soothed my aching muscles.

I left the class feeling pampered and loved.

Of all of the self-care practices I’ve experimented with so far this year, yoga is by far one of my favorites. It encompasses so many of the self-care dimensions: systemic, emotive, luminescent, cognitive – and perhaps even others if I really think about it.

Yoga bridges the connection between our mind and body so effectively. In fact, it’s hard to even put words to the feelings that I’ve experienced during and after yoga sessions.

It’s nearly impossible to leave a class not feeling more centered, calm and rejuvenated.

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