Self-Care Challenge (Day 201): Window Shopping

Back in my college days, a friend and I used to make trips to Target on a fairly regular basis. Instead of hitting the bars to blow off steam, we shopped. On most occasions, we would spend a couple of hours filling our carts with beautiful things as if money were no object. Then, just before we were ready to check out, we’d select just one item and put the rest back.

window shoppingMoney was scarce back then. What I earned at my part-time job generally went straight to books, food, and gas money. But I did sock a little away for our random shopping excursions. Somehow we figured out that shopping and purchasing were two separate activities. Our method allowed us to experience the thrill of shopping without breaking the bank (or using a credit card as many others did).

Yesterday, my self-care practice was reminiscent of those days: window shopping. Instead of buying anything, I was content to window-shop alongside a friend.

I did see some nice things–I even tried a few things on–but, ultimately, I realized that I didn’t need anything. I already have enough. Even so, the shopping trip was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with a friend. 

Window shopping didn’t cost a thing (unless you count the gas we used to get there, anyway). And, unlike surfing the web from home, it provided an opportunity to work in some physical activity.

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