Self-Care Challenge (Day 229): Savoring Salmon

healthy salmon salad

On day 229 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I expressed gratitude by savoring salmon.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy salmon is as a topping on a bed of salad greens. Simple, fast, nourishing, and delicious. In fact, that’s exactly what I had for dinner last night as part of my self-care practice for the day.

Unsaturated fats, like those found in olive oil, nuts and fish, provide a wealth of health benefits. Salmon, a cold water fish, is particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which supports cardiovascular health by helping to control inflammation and triglyceride levels. Whether or not you’re in the wild or farmed camp, it’s hard to argue with the nutritional benefits of fish.

I can still remember the first time I observed the salmon spawn in here in Issaquah. I had been house-hunting in the area at the time of the Salmon Days festival, an annual celebration of the migration and spawn of salmon at the local hatchery.

I had no idea what was happening. In fact, I’m sure I sounded quite dumb when I finally mustered the courage to ask a docent, “What exactly am I looking at here?”

She explained that, after spending a number of years out in the Pacific ocean, the salmon make their way back to the hatchery to lay their eggs and start the cycle again.

As I tried to grasp the fact that these fish were in the final stages of their lives, completing the last steps of their life purpose, I realized that what I was actually witnessing was the circle of life.

Later, after discovering an amazing book called Salmon in the Trees (Amazon Associates Link), I began to understand the scope of what I had experienced.

Since that day, I’ve felt a sense of gratitude each time I sit down to a meal that includes salmon. I don’t eat salmon anymore; I savor it.

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