Self-Care Challenge (Day 241): Cracking Fresh Eggs

storing fresh eggs

On day 241 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I cracked some fresh eggs for breakfast.

It’s no secret that I have chickens. I talk about them all the time, and I’ve written about them on this blog ad nauseam. In many ways, they’re a lot like grandkids.

They require a little bit of looking after, but mostly they can take care of themselves. They get dirty a lot, and eat a few kitchen scraps, but as long as they’re safe and have enough to eat and drink, they do just fine.

But, unlike grandkids, chickens offer my family a nutrient-rich source of food. Each time I crack a fresh egg I’m practicing self-care. It reminds me that sourcing my own food doesn’t mean I have to manage a 100-acre farm. I can do small things to support my health.

The truth is, these feathery friends bring me a lot of joy. They make me laugh on days when I don’t particularly feel like doing so, they speak their minds freely, and they are true to themselves every day.

What small things are you doing to support your health?

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