Self-Care Challenge (Day 254): Planning a Vacation

view from a campsite in Rolle, Switzerland

On day 254 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I planned a vacation.

Next year I turn 40.

I’m not exactly thrilled about it, but there doesn’t seem to be another option.

To say that turning 30 was traumatic for me would be putting it lightly. I cried. And I cried some more. That decade arrived at interesting time in my life when I was experiencing a lot of life changes. Against my will, I was forced to accept that my 20’s were over, along with a lot of other life plans that didn’t quite work out the way I imagined.

Fortunately, my husband treated me to six hours of spa treatments to ease the sting. It did.

But as I prepare to embark on my 5th decade of life, I have a different outlook. It’s amazing the insights that another 10 years of life can bring. I feel optimistic, blessed…and perhaps even a bit more confident. I’ve heard from many people that age brings a unique sense of quiet confidence, and that we progressively become less interested in (and influenced by) what other people think, say and do.

Nevertheless, as this momentous occasion draws nearer, I can already tell that a vacation will be required. While we still haven’t finalized any plans, we at least have a few fun possibilities on the table.

Planning time away to celebrate life’s milestones is an act of self-care. It forces us to pause and appreciate what is.

How will you be celebrating your next life milestone?

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