Self-Care Challenge (Day 258): Committing

Do you have an endless list of ideas and projects, or perhaps a to-do list that’s a mile long? (Oh good, then it’s not just me.)

If so, you’ve probably also been hit with the reality that you won’t be able to get everything done today. Or even this week. Or maybe even this year.

Bummer, I know.

Prioritizing our lists–whether they exist in our head or on paper–isn’t easy. But it’s essential if we hope to make any progress.

We commit ourselves in lots of different ways. We make commitments to other people, promising to act in a specific way. We commit to professional tasks, taking on organizational projects and pursuing goals that serve to further our career. And we also make personal commitments to ourselves–commitments that we will live true to ourselves, focusing our time and energy on the things that align with our values and strengths.

Recently, I spent some time getting really clear about my priorities. I had to accept the fact that I’m not mentally or physically capable of following through on every idea that I’ve ever had. In fact, I also had to accept the fact that not every one of my ideas is a good one–at least not good for me.

My act of self-care for the day was making a commitment to myself to see one of my projects through to completion. It isn’t going to be easy either. This has been one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever taken on, but it’s also the most important project I’ve ever worked on.

These kinds of commitments are hard to make because committing to one project often means we have to let another one go.

But the truth is, we know deep down when we find that one thing that sparks something inside of us. We feel it. It’s undeniable. We look forward to working on it. We’re passionate about it. And we can’t wait to share it with others.

What’s your thing? What are you committed to doing?

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