Self-Care Challenge (Day 261): Updating My Wardrobe

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On day 261 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I updated my wardrobe.

Life definitely has its seasons, and as we move through each of those distinct phases we’re often confronted with need to redefine our personal style.

Whether you’re in the midst of transitioning between careers or lifestyles, how you present yourself determines not only how others perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself.

Several years ago, while wandering through the Junior’s department, it dawned on me that the styles were no longer appropriate for me. (Honestly, I thought I was in the kid’s department for a second.) And what a sad day it was to have to say goodbye to a place that I had called home for so many years.

I felt a little lost.

And I spent a lot of time roaming between the misses and women’s departments, never really feeling comfortable in either one. For a brief period of time, it occurred to me that it would be easier to go “black turtle neck and jeans,” wearing the same thing every day like a uniform. That would have been so much easier than trying on armloads of awkwardly shaped garments.

Thankfully, not long afterward I met with an image consultant who helped me understand how I could use fashion to express myself and feel more authentic doing so. I learned more about the colors and styles that best fit my size and shape. And it started to make sense that I was drawn to certain colors and styles.

I soon realized that the clothes I had crammed into the back of my closet were there for a reason. They didn’t belong in my wardrobe. The clothes I loved wearing the most turned out to be the same ones that emerged from my image consultation.

It explained so much.

Nevertheless, I realized recently that once again my wardrobe needed an overhaul. It was best described as a frenetic compilation of past jobs I’ve experienced over the course of my career, and it ranged from suits to leggings to yoga pants.

Updating my wardrobe has been a significant act of self-care that has made a difference not only in my level of confidence, but also in my level of productivity.

When we feel at our best, we perform at our best.

This exercise has also given me an opportunity to donate items that no longer fit my life. And that feels good too.

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