Self-Care Challenge (Day 299): Giving a Random Gift

woman wearing a white shirt holding a gift with a red bow

I’m on a bit of a random acts of kindness binge this week. Earlier, I bought coffee for a stranger (or at least I think I did), and today my self-care practice was to send a random gift to someone just for the heck of it. I literally closed my eyes and chose an address card from my file, and then purchased a gift and dropped it in the mail.

Easy peasy.

I’ve always loved giving gifts, but I don’t do it as regularly as I’d like. I mean, who doesn’t love to receive a little something in the mail (that isn’t a bill) when we they’re least expecting it?!?

Most of us have probably sent a care package to a college student or soldier as a way of staying connected when we can’t be near them physically. Random gifts send a simple message: I care about you.

Who do you know that could use a little pick-me-up?

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