Self-Care Challenge (Day 319): Maintaining Financial Harmony

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Change is one certainty that we simply cannot avoid. No amount of resisting, complaining about, or ignoring it will change the reality, which is why it’s essential to have a trusted financial adviser, someone who can guide us through it.

Quite honestly, I’ve had some less than desirable experiences with financial advisers over the years, but I only blame myself for not doing more research and asking more questions. So when I finally found a firm and adviser that I trust–someone who I view as a partner to make informed decisions with–life got a lot easier.

We hire financial advisers for the same reason we hire attorneys and accountants–the laws and rules have become so complicated, and they change so quickly, that unless our jobs somehow intersect with these professions, it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date. That’s why most of us stick with a single profession instead of becoming a doctor-attorney-accountant-engineer.

Yesterday, my self-care practice was to meet with my financial adviser to discuss some questions related to not just the election, but also to the recent DOL rules change regarding retirement accounts.

Being proactive is almost always less expensive in the long run, and it certainly reduces stress. While we can’t predict our future entirely, we plan ahead to reduce the risks.

How do you maintain financial harmony?

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