Self-Care Challenge (Day 345): Not Making Plans

Lime green adirondack chairs

On day 345 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I chose not to make plans for the evening.

As I continue to explore self-care this year, I’m learning a lot about myself in the process. What refills my cup? What do I need to be at my best? Which of the endless self-care activities are truly restorative and which are depleting?

Answering these questions has helped me develop an ongoing self-care practice that gives me a greater sense of balance. It keeps me focused on what’s most important, sifting out the distractions. It helps me say ‘yes’ to things that align with my inner truth, and ‘no’ to things that have a negative impact on my health.

Yesterday, not making plans was my daily act of self-care. It felt so nice not to have a lengthy to do list that required me to run errands, clean the house, or go shopping. Instead, I enjoyed sitting by a warm fire and watching movies with my husband.

As an introvert, I have found that planning ahead to not make any plans is one of the kindest gifts I can give myself.

What refills your cup?

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