Self-Care Challenge (Day 353): Challenging Myself

brown knitting needles

Staying in my comfort zone feels, well…comfortable.

Earlier this year I wrote about my experience with leaning into discomfort after agreeing to be interviewed on camera. As an introvert, this is definitely not something I consider to be one of my strengths by any stretch of the imagination. At first it felt really awkward, but as time went on it was fine. In fact, afterward I couldn’t remember why I made such a big deal about it.

No matter how much we may try to resist leaving our zone of comfort, we almost always get pushed into other zones. And I’ve learned that change is much easier when I’m the one doing the pushing.

Throughout my self-care journey this year, a large number of my activities have involved taking a class, reading books, or learning something new. Love of learning is definitely one of my VIA signature strengths.

It seems I’m always finding new interests or hobbies. For example, a friend of mine once invited me to a bead show, all with the sole intention of having me pick out some beads that she would eventually make into a necklace for me.


Instead, I loaded up on supplies and set out to learn how to make my own jewelry. I couldn’t help myself. I loved the idea of a challenge.

So yesterday, it’s probably not surprising that while casually perusing a yarn shop, I noticed a beautiful scarf that nearly paralyzed me in the middle of the aisle. It was clearly not a beginner’s project, but that somehow didn’t register in my brain.

Instead of thinking, “I could never make that!” I heard “how can I make that?” echo inside my head.

How do you challenge yourself?


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