Self-Care Challenge (Day 354): Listening to Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter Sessions

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On day 354 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I listened to The Firestarter Sessions.

Several years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Danielle LaPorte’s work. I immediately loved that her approach to manifesting goals is quite different from the popular SMART goal-setting method that most of us are familiar with. (If you’ve read my book Uppward (Amazon Associate Link), then you already know I’m not a fan of the latter method.)

Instead of beating our heads against the wall each time we fall short of the unforgiving SMART goals, LaPorte suggests that we shift our mindset. (Trust me: try it and you’ll be glad you did.)

I had almost forgotten about the Firestarter Sessions (Amazon Associate Link) until another vibrant influencer in my life mentioned it recently. Thankfully, she also suggested listening to the audio version rather than reading the book. (For those who haven’t yet had a chance to hear Danielle LaPorte’s voice, it will seriously lull you into a trance.)

And check out her free workbook for a little taste of what it’s all about.

Yesterday’s self-care activity involved carving out some time to knit while I listened to the Firestarter Sessions. I’ve learned that when I listen while I’m also working with my hands, I absorb messages differently. I hear more of the emotions behind the stories rather than simply the meaning behind the words.

LaPorte’s inspiring words poured over me as I moved the yarn across my needles, mentally preparing myself for the new year.

How do I want to feel? Hmm.

It had been a long time since I’d asked myself that question. Too long.

Obviously, my focus this year has been on self-care: my health and my ability to live up to my fullest potential. I wholeheartedly believe that if we truly want to live our purpose, we must be whole, and good health is our greatest asset when it comes to achieving our goals.

But in my pursuit, I often take the positive energy out of my goals. I set them as if I’m pouring concrete, believing that success is firmly defined by a single outcome: a digit, a number, an amount.

Anything less is failure.

Sure, we can say that failure is an opportunity for learning. (And it is.) But it hardly ever feels that way. It feels more like a slap in the face…a lot of effort for a tad bit of learning.

“What we cannot measure, we cannot improve,” you say?

Well, maybe not.

But according to LaPorte, the pursuit of our goals can also bring us joy – if we are clear on what we truly desire, that is.

Because, isn’t that what we’re really after: a feeling? Confidence. Love. Joy. Connection. Power. Peace. Health. Contribution. And the great thing about feelings is that we get to define them any way we want to.

How do you want to feel?

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