Self-Care Challenge (Day 95): Building a Support System

Belize Sunrise, 01.16.2016, 900(If you don’t know what a Mastermind group is, Google it now.)

A friend and I recently began our own version of this entrepreneurial support system. She may live nearly 2,000 miles away, but our virtual connection makes it seem much closer.

We’ve collaborated on other projects in the past, so we already have a solid understanding of one other’s personal values and beliefs. In fact, we’ve known each other for nearly a decade and we haven’t really changed all that much. Our vision for the future has been pretty consistent over the years–though our map for getting there has deviated a little as we’ve evolved through our life experiences.

Mastermind groups typically consist of more than two people, which has its benefits since more information can be exchanged when more people are involved, but at this point in my journey, this smaller-scale format is ideal. Our Mastermind duo-ship feels a lot like having my own business coach. We spend time discussing our goals, sharing wisdom, helping one another solve problems, offering encouragement, asking insightful questions and challenging one another to continue the journey…to keep moving forward. 

Creating these kinds of support networks does require some effort on our part. We must first identify the right individuals–those who not only support us, but also challenge us–and then we must establish a plan for connecting with them. For some people, support networks includes close friends and family members; others prefer to gain unique insights from strangers (think Meetup). 

Whether you choose to meet with your Mastermind group on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis is up to you. What’s most important is that you have a supportive community that provides the right mix of encouragement and accountability to help you reach your goals.

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